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Welcome to the CactusMuseum.com cactus collection. Our plants are grown in two locations in the United States: Mississippi (Zone 7) and Tennessee (Zone 6).

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Ancistrocactus mathssonii Ancistrocactus mathssonii
(Chihuahuan Fishhook)

Globular to cylindrical plant. 13 ribs - tuberculated; tubercles having furrows. 1 hooked central spine (yellowish with red tip), 7 to 10 radial spines (light colored).
Ancistrocactus uncinatus Ancistrocactus uncinatus
(Cat Claw Cactus)

The plant's central spine, which is shaped like a tiny fishhook, is proportionately longer than the radial spines. Our plant was purchased at DesertPlants and produced some pretty maroon blooms before freezing to death. RIP.
Ariocarpus agavoides Ariocarpus agavoides
(Tamaulipas Living Rock Cactus)

Appearing like an agave, this low-growing rosette cactus has green tubercles. Pink flowers appear in the Fall
Ariocarpus fissuratus Ariocarpus fissuratus
(Living Rock Cactus)

This cactus grows low to the ground and consists of grey-green tubercles originating from a large tap root. The tubercles have splits in them. Pink flowers appear in Fall and reveal a plant in the wild that is normally camouflaged.
Astrophytum asterias Astrophytum asterias
(Sea Urchin Cactus)

This astrophytum requires less water than other species, doesn't tolerate humidity, and prefers to be planted in a deep pot. SRA
Astrophytum capricorne Astrophytum capricorne
(Goat's Horn Cactus)

The Goat's Horn is named for the characteristic shape of its long, curled and flattened spines. The spines are very fragile, so, plant should be handled with care. The skin of this 8-ribbed cactus is covered with small white flecks: a characteristic of th
Astrophytum myriostigma
(Bishop's Cap)

The star-shaped body of this cactus epitomizes the Astrophytum (star-plant) genus. The plant is covered with a myriad of with countless white spots called flecking. Eventually reaching 16 inches tall, this easy to care for, 5-ribbed cactus is an excellent
Astrophytum myriostigma v. nudum
(Bishop's Cap)

This nudum variety of Astrophytum myriostigma lacks the white spots normally present in the species. You could say that it is nude. It too is a 5-ribbed plant that blooms yellow. Unlike our white-spotted plant, this plant has not produced volunteer seedli
Carnegiea gigantea

This is a plant with many accolades. Named for Andrew Carnegie, this cactus is the classic symbol of the American West. Saguaro National Park in Arizona was created to protect this somewhat rare Sonoran desert plant. Its white flower is Arizonas state fl
Cephalocereus senilis
(Old Man Cactus)

The long white hairs are actually long spines that benefit the plant by reducing sun exposure and by trapping a layer of air next to the cactus body. This helps to cool the plant in the summer and keep it warm in the winter. Our plant was purchased at the
Cereus peruvianus
(Peruvian Torch)

"This cactus has white blooms that open at night. One of the first cactuses that I started out with as a boy. "
Cereus tetragonus monstrose
(Fairy Castles)

Received this plant from Leslie. Three or four cuttings salvaged from a plant left out in the cold.
Coryphantha maiz-tablensis
(Pincushion Cactus)

Purchased Spring 2002 from Sunrise Nursery.
Cryptocereus anthonyanus
(Ric-Rac Cactus)

A gift from Bro. Mike Smithey. A hanging basket plant that blooms only at night.
Echinocactus grusonii
(Golden Barrel)

A common landscaping cactus with brilliantly colored golden yellow spines. Yellow blooms are produced on mature plants only (> 1 foot diameter). Our plant was purchased from Living Desert SP, Carlsbad, NM.
Echinocactus horizonthalonius
(Blue Barrel)

Purchased DesertPlants, Tucson, AZ. Not easy to cultivate - hard to establish. RIP. Big Bend NP in Texas is a good place to view this plant in the wild.
Echinocactus texensis
(Horse Crippler)

Western ranchers used to drag chains through pasture lands to uproot these pests. The stiff spines are positioned to cripple livestock that carelessly trod too close to them. Spines are reported to be able to puncture car tires. Our plant was purchased at
Echinocereus engelmannii v. nicholii
(Nichol's Hedgehog)

Purchased from B & B Cactus, Tucson, AZ. Beta Plot - RIP.
Echinocereus enneacanthus
(Green Strawberry Hedgehog)

This hedgehog has nine spines per areole: 8 radial spines and 1 central spine. Purchased B & B Cactus, Tucson, AZ. Froze to death in the Winter of 2000. RIP.
Echinocereus pectinatus v. rigidissimus
(Arizona Rainbow Hedgehog)

Purchased Tanque Verde, Tucson, AZ. Plant has beautiful Pink to Purple flowers with white throats. Plant has two dormancy periods - hottest part of the summer and in winter.
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