Carnegiea gigantea

Scientific Name:  Carnegiea gigantea
Synonyms:  Cereus giganteus
Common Name:  Saguaro
Other Names:   
Etymology:  Carnegiea: for Andrew Carnegie, an American industrialist
Gigantea: giganteus (giant) [Latin]
Origin:  Mexico
Light:  Full sun.
Soil:  Typical mix: 1 part potting soil to 1 part coarse sand.
Water:  Typical: Drench soil and let dry from Spring through Fall. Water sparingly during Winter dormancy period.
Min Temperature:  40F.
Blooms:  White
Comments:  This is a plant with many accolades. Named for Andrew Carnegie, this cactus is the classic symbol of the American West. Saguaro National Park in Arizona was created to protect this somewhat rare Sonoran desert plant. Its white flower is Arizonas state fl
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