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Absolutely Cactus - CA supplier of cacti, succulents, cactus jewelry. News and info.
Aggie Cactus Care - Cactus care tips from Texas A&M university.
Albino Cacti - Nice explanation and gallery of cactus freaks.
Aloe Pages - Introduction to the various aloe species with info.
Altman Specialty Plants - California-based wholesaler of cacti.
Andalusian C/S Association - A Spanish C/S website with a forum and info.
Areoles to Zygocactus - NY Botanical Garden cactus botany and uses article.
Arid Lands - AZ and IA based succulent retailer with a cactus section.
Arizona Cactus Sales - AZ-based nursery with an oddities page and care tips.
Astrophytum.com - Site devoted to the genus Astrophytum (star cacti).
Australian Succulents - Introduction to Australian succulents. Book/seeds offered.
Avas Flowers - Cactus care, containers, and growth tips
AZ Master Gardener - Nice cactus propagation info; focus is SW USA genera.
B & B Cactus - Tucson AZ-based supplier of cactus. Nice outside cactus beds.
Ballarat C/S Society - Australian site with an excellent cactus in culture section.
Bennys Kaktus - Denmark grower's site focusing on winter-hardy cacti. Many photos.
Bigfoot Collections - North CA supplier of cacti and succulents
Bloomin Idiot - Raising cacti in the Jemez Mnts in NM.
Bob Smoley's Gardenworld - PA-based retailer of cacti and succulents and books.
Brazilian Cacti Project - Site features photos/info for cacti growing in Brazil.
Brian's Cactus Page - High quality photos of Mammillaria and other cacti in bloom.
Bryophyllum.com - New plants from leaf tips - you bet.
CA Plant Names - Nice collection of scientific names and their etymology.
Cactaceae-IRT - Featuring cold-hardy cacti of the US Great Plains Region.
Cacti & Succulent Gallery - Close Up Photography of Cacti and Succulents.
Cacti from Neuquén - Joachim Sauls photos of cacti from Western Argentina.
Cacti of El Paso, TX - Description of 10 cactus species found near El Paso, TX.
CactiGuide - Guide to the positive ID of cacti. Also, discussion boards, a dictionary.
Cactoo - Production and sale cactus, succulents and mesemb. 3000+ species.
Cactus Comedy - Photos capturing the body language of the Saguaro.
Cactus Corner - Aaron Studwells cactus page from TX.
Cactus Diseases - Michigan State article covering cactus diseases and cures.
Cactus Expeditions - 12-20 day tours to see native cacti: Argentina, Chile, Bolivia.
Cactus Ferrari - Argentina site. Cactus sales, culture, collection, news and events.
Cactus Insects - Michigan State article covering cactus insect pest problems.
Cactus Joes - Nevada retailer of native NV and AZ cacti.
Cactus JPG Collection - Ota Toru's site with numerous cactus images.
Cactus Memory Game - How long will it take you to finish?
Cactus Pruner - Supplier of cacti/succulent pruning tools.
Cactus Stock Photos - Nice stock photos of cacti and succulents.
Cactus Window - German and English site with photos, links, info.
Cactus, succulents - A new world of innovative gardening is awaiting you.
Cactus-Mall - Very large online resource for cacti/succulents. Multiple languages.
Cactus@purlins - A UK-based collector's site with information and photos.
Cactusbase - Specialist database software for growers of Cacti & Succulents.
Cactusclub Lophophora - Dutch site specific to the Lophophora genus.
CactusCollection.net - Collectors site with lots of plants and photos.
Cactuses from Armenia - A cactus photo site from Armenia. Multiple languages.
CactusInfo.net - Descriptions & care for growing succulents. Many photos.
CactusKing.com - Encinitas, CA based exotic plant nursery with online ordering.
CactusLovers.com - A social and informational web site for cactus enthusiasts.
CactusPlaza - Netherlands online nursery. Lophophora, Trichocereus and others.
CactusStore.com - Mail order source for Cacti, Succulents and Desert plant seeds.
California Cactus Center - Retailer site with cactus propagation and care tips.
CanStockPhoto - Nice selection of cactus images and clipart
Chihuahuan Cacti - Article featuring cacti native to Chihuahuan Desert.
Closet Cactus Care - M.S. Smith's cactus care article.
CSS Australia - Cactus & Succulent Society of Australia. Established 1927.
Cultivar Magazine - Russian/English magazine about abnormal cactus forms.
Desert Botanical Garden - Gardening guide for cacti and other desert plants.
Desert Queen - Products using scent from Queen of the Night flowers.
Desert Tropicals - Lots of Cacti and Succulents identified here.
DesertCacti.com - Justin Spiegel's Desert Cactus site - a nice online resource.
DesertUSA - Best desert site on the Internet. North American desert info.
Disease Handbook - The cactus disease page of the Texas A&M disease handbook.
Djama Garden Center - Cypress cactus collection with lots of photos. Nice.
E. Cridlin Cactus Care - Cactus care tips from Gardener's Supply Company.
Eastern Mojave Vegetation - Tom Schweichs site featuring Mojave desert plants.
Echinocereus.com - Site devoted to the genus Echinocereus (hedgehogs).
EpiForums - Interactive website and forum devoted to Epiphyllums.
Epiphyllums - Nice epiphyllum bloom photos from CT.
Epiphytic Plant Research - Netherlands org preserving epiphytic cacti and hybrids.
Ferocactus.net - Nice French site devoted to Ferocacti.
Flora-botanica.de - German site with forum and information about cacti/succulents.
GardenWeb Cacti Forum - A forum for cactus and succulent questions.
Greenfly Exotics - The home of unusual plants. Peyote, San Pedro, collectible cacti.
Henkhallo Cactussen - Cactus site from Holland with many cactus photos.
Institute Aloe Studies - Not-for-profit promoting aloes. Info, habitat pics, and sales.
J & J Cactus and Succulents - OK-based retail, mail order cactus/succulents vendor
Jose's Cacti - Photo album from a grower in Peru.
JungleCacti - CA-Based retailer of Epiphyllums. Info and photos of these cacti.
Kactus Korral - Cactus info from a Harwood, TX based wholesaler of cacti.
Kadas Garden - Lophorhora and other cactus supplier.Great info on grafting.
Kakteen-haage - Europes oldest cactus nursery, founded 1822 in Erfurt, Germany.
Kaktus - Henrik Helms Madsens great site. Large amount of stenocactus info.
Kaktusy Wroclaw - Wroclaw Cactus Club site from Poland.
Life As A Cactus - B.J. Nicol's great book comparing cacti and humans.
Lithops Info - Living rocks cultivation, links, and photos.
Lithops Introduction - All about living rocks.
Living-Rocks - Site devoted to the genus Ariocarpus (living rocks).
Lophophora Blog - A forum primarily for small Mexican cacti.
Lophophora.net - Botanical, historical, ecological info and photos of Peyote genus.
M. Faint's Cactus Page - Extensive resource for Notocactus / Turbinicarpus genera.
Mammillarias.net - A lot of Mammillaria's pictures. English-French.
Man's Cactus Page - Kein-Hong Man's nice cactus site from Malaysia.
MattsLandscape - Large selection of Epiphyllums. Also Aporophyllums, Echinopsis.
Mauseth Research: Cacti - Nice site explaining cactus adaptations for survival.
Mesa Garden - Belen, NM based cactus nursery with a large seed/plant inventory.
Miles2Go - Miles Anderson's cactus nursery located in Cortaro, AZ. Large selection.
MyCacti - A Thai cactus site from Thailand.
NebGuide Cactus Care - Comprehensive care information from the Univ of Nebraska.
NurseriesOnline.com - Listing of mail order & retail nurseries including cacti.
Oblog - A blog about general cacti, succulents, and opuntia
OKMKS - Polish cactus & succulent society
Oldmancactus - TN-based nursery of unique & rare cacti/succulents. Fast shipping.
Opuntiads of the USA - Nice info for Opuntia and their relatives.
Outdoor Cacti Photos - Mike Miles' site featuring outdoor cacti grown in Utah.
P. Allen Smith Gardens - General gardening site with some cactus articles.
Pediocactus.com - Plains cactus information and photos.
Planetacactus - Argentina cactus site with encyclopaedia, care and sales sections.
Plant Sciences Center - U of A site with facts for some SW USA cacti.
Plants Across Melbourne - A really detailed guide to growing cacti and succulents
Prickly Pear Page - Another article on Prickly Pear cultivation and use.
Prickly Pear Uses - Christopher Nyerges' article highlighting the edible prickly pear.
Ray Aldridge's Inet Site - Webmaster's personal site.
Rhipsalis.com - Covers epiphytes in detail especially Rhipsalis.
Rivenrock Gardens - CA based wholesaler/retailer. Edible cacti sold. Good info.
RSI Growers - Custom Growing of Cactus and Succulents and a Forum.
Sacramental Medical Cacti - Peyote and plants confused with Peyote.
Sacred Garden - CA cactus/botanicals supplier specializing in Trichocereus.
Sammy's Saguaro Scrapbook - Site detailing life of Saguaro.
San Diego Epiphyllum - Epiphyllum society with events, epi care, and membership.
San Pedro Man - Cactus, Cactus book's and more.
Schlumbergera.com - Netherlands retailer of Christmas Cactus, Easter Cactus...
Soekershof Gardens - Largest maze, cactus labyrinth and 2400+ succulents.
Sonoran Desert Garden - AZ-based site focusing on Sonoran Desert plants.
Sonoran Desert Plants - TurtleWoman's site featuring Sonoran desert plant life.
Southern AZ Rare Cacti - Nice high quality photos of AZ rare cacti.
Southwestern Cacti - Andrew Cooper's site devoted to cacti of the American SW.
Sticky Situation - Tucson AZ based cactus retailer.
Succulent Plants - Succulents CD-Rom, photos, genera, free screen saver, links.
Suculentas.com - A Spanish only guide to cacti and succulents.
Sulcorebutia - A German site for Sulcorebutia enthusiasts.
Texas A&M Cactus Gallery - Lots of native and cultivated cactus images.
The Cactus Doctor - A cactus expert helping you keep your cactus alive, healthy.
The Cactus Patch - Site providing cactus website builders with cactus graphics.
The Family Cactaceae - Database containing 2100 Pictures, Synonyms and more!
The Paradise - Cacti and Bromeliads from Brazil. Covers biomass of the region.
TravellersGarden - Online shop with cactus seeds and plants.
Trond's Dungeon - Trond Gimre's great site featuring Mammillarias.
Tucson Botanical - 16 gardens with unique gardening traditions & botanical themes.
UK Cactus/Succ Society - Home page of British Cactus and Succulent Society.
Ultimate Desert Handbook - Book covering recreation/wildlife in the US deserts.
Uncle Chorns Cabin - Thailand-based wholesaler and retailer of cacti. English also.
US Cactus/Succ Society - Home page of the US Cactus and Succulent Society.
Virtual Cacti - Troy Siglers cactus collection photos.
Visionary Cactus Glossary - A nice glossary of cactus-related terms.
Winter Hardy Cacti - Colorado State Univ article on winter hardy cactus plants.
Wufstuff.com - Cactus plants and cuttings for great prices.


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