Astrophytum asterias

Scientific Name:  Astrophytum asterias
Synonyms:  Echinocactus asterias
Common Name:  Sea Urchin Cactus
Other Names:  Sand Dollar
Silver Dollar
Star Cactus
Etymology:  Astrophytum: astron (star); phyton (plant) [Greek]
Echinocactus: echinos (hedgehog); kaktos (thistle) [Greek]
Asterias: asterias (Star-like) [Greek]
Origin:  Mexico
Light:  Bright light to Light shade.
Soil:  Typical mix: 1 part potting soil to 1 part coarse sand.
Water:  Typical: Drench soil and let dry from Spring through Fall. Water sparingly during Winter dormancy period.
Min Temperature:  20F.
Blooms:  Yellow w. Red Throat
Comments:  This astrophytum requires less water than other species, doesn't tolerate humidity, and prefers to be planted in a deep pot. SRA
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