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 Air Layering
Posted By: Vicki, Denver, CO, USA Posted On: 6/8/2012 5:53:00 PM
I have a cactus that grew straight up quickly. It's just a one trunk shoot up cactus (no branches/no arms as offshoots). After it reached about 11-12 inches it simply shrunk and with you get to the TOP of the next 12 inches, it's just a tiny little stick. The first 12 inches are big and round so that I can't even touch my thumb with my middle finger.

Anyway, I want to air layer it back to the point where the fat, chubby part got skinny. Can I do that? Do you think it will work? I know "how to do it" bug I'm wondering if that 2nd 12 inches where it became smaller will actually grow fat, or will the tip that is just a few centimeters around will just stay that way.

I can send a pic of it if you think it will help to see it.

Thank you.



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