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 Can You Please Share the Cause and Solution
Posted By: Haftu Hagos Sibhat, Debre Zeit, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Posted On: 8/29/2014 5:00:00 AM
Southern part of Ethiopia called Tigray state, most of its Eastern, South Eastern and South parts were covered by cactus. this cactus was used mainly for food and also it kept soil fertilization.however, since the last 5 years this cactus is almost to distinct and people around are intended for migration.there reason of its distinction is unknown diseases. am so sorry i can't upload u the image of the cactus after victimized by the diseases.

moreover, according the symptoms that you put on your site the diseases seems to sunburn.

can you please suggest me what shall we do to prevent our golden cactus from its distinction and then save our lives plus live of our animals, our fertile soil and so on.


haftu h.



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